Vladimir Ivanov

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This paper describes an approach to problem phrase extraction from texts that contain user experience with products. In contrast to other works, we propose a straightforward approach to problem phrase extraction based on syntactic and semantic connections between a problem indicator and mentions about the problem targets. In this paper, we discuss (i)(More)
We consider hyperfine splitting of 1s and, in part, of 2s levels in light hydrogen-like atoms: hydrogen, deuterium, tritium, helium-3 ion, muonium and positronium. We discuss present status of precision theory and experiment for the hfs intervals. We pay a special attention to a specific difference, D21 = 8E hfs (2s) − E hfs (1s), which is known(More)
We consider the uncertainty of theoretical calculations for a specific difference of the hyperfine intervals in the 1s and 2s states in a light hydrogen-like atom. For a number of crucial radiative corrections the result for hydrogen atom and helium ion appears as an extrapolation of the numerical data from medium to low Z. An approach to a plausible(More)
Automatic event extraction form text is an important step in knowledge acquisition and knowledge base population. Manual work in development of extraction system is indispensable either in corpus annotation or in vocabularies and pattern creation for a knowledge-based system. Recent works have been focused on adaptation of existing system (for extraction(More)