Vladimir Ivancevic

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General stochastic dynamics, developed in a framework of Feynman path integrals, have been applied to Lewinian field–theoretic psychodynamics [1,2,13], resulting in the development of a new concept of life–space foam (LSF) as a natural medium for motivational and cognitive psychodynamics. According to LSF formalisms, the classic Lewinian life space can be(More)
Recent advances in the area of mobile robotics caused growing attention of the armed forces, where the necessity for unmanned vehicles being able to carry out the " dull and dirty " operations, thus avoid endangering the life of the military personnel. UAV offers a great advantage in supplying reconnaissance data to the military personnel on the ground,(More)
In this paper, we present a platform independent model (PIM) of IIS*Case tool for information system (IS) design. IIS*Case is a model driven software tool that provides generation of executable application prototypes. The concepts are described by Meta Object Facility (MOF) specification, one of the commonly used approaches for describing meta-models. One(More)
The recently developed Life–Space–Foam approach to goal-directed human action deals with individual actor dynamics. This paper applies the model to characterize the dynamics of co-action by two or more actors. This dynamics is modelled by: (i) a two-term joint action (including cognitive/motivatonal potential and kinetic energy), and (ii) its associated(More)
Nonlinear space-time dynamics, defined in terms of celebrated 'solitonic' equations, brings indispensable tools for understanding, prediction and control of complex behaviors in both physical and life sciences. In this paper, we review sine–Gordon solitons, kinks and breathers as models of nonlinear excitations in complex systems in physics and in living(More)