Vladimir I Vorobyev

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Chromatin remodeling is an essential part of transcription initiation. We show that at heat shock gene promoters functional interactions between individual ATP-dependent chromatin remodeling complexes play critical role in both nucleosome displacement and Pol II recruitment. Using HSP12, HSP82 and SSA4 gene promoters as reporters, we demonstrated that while(More)
Mechanisms of interaction of DNA with nonhistone chromosomal protein HMGB1 and linker histone H1 have been studied by means of circular dichroism and absorption spectroscopy. Both proteins are located in the internucleosomal regions of chromatin. It is demonstrated that the properties of DNA-protein complexes depend on the protein content and cannot be(More)
The fundamental possibility of interactions between non-histone chromatin protein HMGB1 and linker histone H1 in solutions with different ionic strengths was studied by intrinsic UV fluorescence, far and near UV CD, and spectrophotometry. The data we obtained allow us to assume that the increase in the histone H1 content in HMGB1 solutions with low ionic(More)
Formaldehyde-crosslinked and sonicated chromatin fragments were obtained from 15-day chicken embryo erythrocytes and purified on caesium chloride gradients. Polyclonal antibodies raised against chicken HMGB1 were used to immuno-precipitate fragments carrying HMGB1 in two protocols: (1) affinity purified antibodies covalently coupled to agarose beads and (2)(More)
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