Vladimir I. Makarov

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Gastric colonization by Helicobacter pylori is a risk factor for noncardia gastric cancer. The association between H. pylori and cancer may be attributable to increased epithelial cell turnover, possibly related to antigastric antibodies. Two previous studies reported a disproportionate increase in proliferation relative to apoptosis in patients with H.(More)
Expression profiling of clinically obtainable tumor specimens has been hindered by the need for microgram quantities of RNA. In vitro transcription (IVT)-based amplifications are most commonly used to amplify small quantities of RNA for microarray analysis. However, significant drawbacks exist with IVT-based amplification, and the need for alternative(More)
[1] Measurements at ∼400 campaign‐style GPS points and another 14 continuously recording stations in central Asia define variations in their velocities both along and across the Kyrgyz and neighboring parts of Tien Shan. They show that at the longitude of Kyrgyzstan the Tarim Basin converges with Eurasia at 20 ± 2 mm/yr, nearly two thirds of the total(More)
The combination of chemotherapy and photodynamic therapy has emerged as a promising strategy for cancer therapy due to its synergistic effects. In this work, PEGylated silver nanoparticles decorated with graphene quantum dots (Ag-GQDs) were tested as a platform to deliver a chemotherapy drug and a photosensitizer, simultaneously, in chemo-photodynamic(More)
On 36,536 abdominal operations, in 36 patients (0.1%) there was necessary to perform a relaparotomy due to intraabdominal hemorrhage, of whom in 28 patients this complication arised after emergency surgical interventions, while in 8 cases after elective surgery. The cause of bleeding in 26 patients were technical mistakes during the first intervention, in(More)
Recently we have analyzed light transmission and spectral selectivity by optical channels in Müller cells and other transparent cells, proposing a model of their structure, formed by specialized intermediate filaments [1,2]. Our model represents each optical channel by an axially symmetric tube with conductive walls. Presently, we analyze the planar(More)
Graphene has been the subject of intense research in recent years due to its unique electrical, optical and mechanical properties. Furthermore, it is expected that quantum dots of graphene would make their way into devices due to their structure and composition which unify graphene and quantum dots properties. Graphene quantum dots (GQDs) are planar nano(More)
The examination of 180 patients with acute neuroinfection (105 males, 75 females at the age from 18 to 45 years) has detected C. trachomatis in 23.8%, C. Pneumoniae in 66.6%, C. psittaci in 9.5% patients. Acute and chlamydial lesions of the central nervous system were characterized by all forms of neuroinfection: serous and purulent meningitides,(More)
The authors studied the effect of single intake of bymetil (0.5 g) and phenibut (0.25 g) on the thermal state, gas-energy exchange, blood oxygenation, working capacity, and the subjective status of man in intensive physical exertion in isolating means of individual protection. The drugs under study increased thermal resistance, promoted normal supply of the(More)
Birds which possess high visual acuity, such as eagles and falcons, are known to have retinas with a deep conically curved central foveal pit. There have been different attempts to explain the importance of this particular shape of the fovea in visual resolution. Recently, the function of Müller cells as "light fibers" was discovered, showing how the(More)