Vladimir I. Lovchakov

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A quasi-optimal regulator design problem is solved for nonlinear control objects described in the state-space by nonlinear matrix ordinary differential equations with quadratically-cubic nonlinearities, where polynomial terms are constructed using the Kronecker matrix product. A.A. Krasovskiy's generalized work criterion is used as the cost functional. The(More)
In the paper an application of V.I. Zubov's optimal transient damping method for control-affine objects which dynamics is described in the state space by nonlinear ordinary differential equations is considered. The control problem is solved under the constraint for maximal value of the Euclidean norm of control vector. Lyapunov function of the control(More)
We design time-optimal regulator for a control object consisting of four series connected integrators. The switching function of an optimal relay regulator is sought by the solution of linear partial derivative equation using its integral bases. It is established that switching functions providing time-optimal regulator performance form a definite countable(More)
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