Vladimir I. Gelfand

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Remarkably, forces within a neuron can extend its axon to a target that could be meters away. The two main cytoskeleton components in neurons are microtubules, which are mostly bundled along the axon shaft, and actin filaments, which are highly enriched in a structure at the axon distal tip, the growth cone. Neurite extension has been thought to be driven(More)
Kinesin-1 is a major microtubule motor that drives transport of numerous cellular cargoes toward the plus ends of microtubules. In the cell, kinesin-1 exists primarily in an inactive, autoinhibited state, and motor activation is thought to occur upon binding to cargo through the C terminus. Using RNAi-mediated depletion in Drosophila S2 cells, we(More)
Recently, we demonstrated that kinesin-1 can slide microtubules against each other, providing the mechanical force required for initial neurite extension in Drosophila neurons. This sliding is only observed in young neurons actively forming neurites and is dramatically downregulated in older neurons. The downregulation is not caused by the global shutdown(More)
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