Vladimir I. Fal’ko

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We compare the results of the transport and time-resolved magnetoluminescence measurements in disordered two-dimensional ͑2D͒ electron systems in GaAs-Al x Ga 1Ϫx As heterostructures in the extreme quantum limit, particularly in the vicinity of the metal-insulator transition ͑MIT͒. At filling factors ␯Ͻ1, the optical signal has two components: the(More)
Bilayer graphene (two coupled graphitic monolayers arranged according to Bernal stacking) is a two-dimensional gapless semiconductor with a peculiar electronic spectrum different from the Dirac spectrum in the monolayer material. In particular, the electronic Fermi line in each of its valleys has a strong p ! ÿp asymmetry due to trigonal warping, which(More)
We describe the weak localization correction to conductivity in ultra-thin graphene films, taking into account disorder scattering and the influence of trigonal warping of the Fermi surface. A possible manifestation of the chiral nature of electrons in the localization properties is hampered by trigonal warping , resulting in a suppression of the weak(More)
The electronic band structure of van der Waals (vdW) layered crystals has properties that depend on the composition, thickness and stacking of the component layers. Here we use density functional theory and high field magneto-optics to investigate the metal chalcogenide InSe, a recent addition to the family of vdW layered crystals, which transforms from a(More)
We present a self-consistent calculation of the interlayer asymmetry in bilayer graphene caused by an applied electric field in magnetic fields. We show how this asymmetry influences the Landau level spectrum in bilayer graphene and the observable inter-Landau level transitions when they are studied as a function of high magnetic field at fixed filling(More)
We report the self-catalysed growth of InAs nanowires (NWs) on graphite thin films using molecular beam epitaxy via a droplet-assisted technique. Through optimising metal droplets, we obtained vertically aligned InAs NWs with highly uniform diameter along their entire length. In comparison with conventional InAs NWs grown on Si (111), the graphite surface(More)
We study correlations of the amplitudes of wave functions of a chaotic system at large distances. For this purpose, a joint distribution function of the amplitudes at two distant points in a sample is calculated analytically using the supersymmetry technique. The result shows that although in the limit of the orthogonal and unitary symmetry classes the(More)
The focusing of electric current by a single p-n junction in graphene is predicted. We show that precise focusing can be achieved by fine-tuning the densities of carriers on the n-and p-sides of the junction to equal values, whereas the current distribution in junctions with different densities resembles caustics in optics. This finding can be utilized in(More)