Vladimir Gruden

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Our mouth is the mirror of our health and it might be said that numerous diseases which affect our organism may be manifested in the mouth. Early symptoms occurring within the oral cavity may emerge with diseases related to our blood system, gastrointestinal system, renal system, cardiovascular system, and mental system. They are manifested as a(More)
War veterans club "April 3, 1992" founded in Valpovo is aimed at providing an integral response to the numerous requirements of the war victims, participants of the patriotic war in Croatia. Apart from psychotherapists, the members of the club are: a priest, a social worker, pedagogists, nurses and a lawyer. The club offers a therapeutic work through its(More)
This research has been conducted on the basis of the association between a psychogenic factor and stomatopyrosis as its consequence. Stomatopyrosis is characterized as a burning sensation or as pain in the mouth cavity with clinically normal oral mucosa. It typically occurs with elderly female population, aged on average 67. Burning mouth as a symptom(More)
UNLABELLED Projection is a widespread mechanism of defence. It is an important issue in a number of anthropological researches. To estimate changes in intensity and flexibility of the projection a measuring instrument is unavoidable. MATERIAL To standardise the questionnaire answers of 250 examinees were used. They were divided in two independent groups.(More)
Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) presents an important medical and social problem in the Republic of Croatia with prevalence of 10-30% depending on the population. On the basis of our 8-year clinical experience in treating PTSD and detailed analysis of related literature a special team of the Department of Psychological Medicine, Zagreb University(More)
Working with psychotraumatized war veterans we perceived their extremely regressive position, which is accompanied by several destructive and autodestructive compulsions. Facing the multiple traumatic experiences which they lived through, a certain degree of regression has been appearing, since even a satisfying "nourishing-indulgence of their needs" cannot(More)
A widow is a women who lost her partner, Separation is what happened to her. Every separation is a big trauma and a possible source of psychopathology. The widow's children have experienced trauma as well, with all known consequences of separation. Admixture of pride partially reduces the intensity of frustration. However, this pride will soon lead to the(More)
Sexuality is the totality of phenomena connected with gender and sexual drive, and gender is the sum of physiological and psychological features distinguishing man and woman. Studies show beneficial effect of sex upon health. Many people identify sexually transmitted diseases with life threat. Anxiety is the anticipation of this danger and depression is the(More)
Anxiety in a large group is a phenomenon much written about, but always as a subjective experience of the therapist and patients. Large group with its regressive situation stimulates the occurrence of archaic defense mechanisms, which gives the leader a special role as one who can influence, with his interventions, the intensity of anxiety. In order to(More)