Vladimir Gruden

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Our mouth is the mirror of our health and it might be said that numerous diseases which affect our organism may be manifested in the mouth. Early symptoms occurring within the oral cavity may emerge with diseases related to our blood system, gastrointestinal system, renal system, cardiovascular system, and mental system. They are manifested as a(More)
Sexuality is the totality of phenomena connected with gender and sexual drive, and gender is the sum of physiological and psychological features distinguishing man and woman. Studies show beneficial effect of sex upon health. Many people identify sexually transmitted diseases with life threat. Anxiety is the anticipation of this danger and depression is the(More)
Anxiety in a large group is a phenomenon much written about, but always as a subjective experience of the therapist and patients. Large group with its regressive situation stimulates the occurrence of archaic defense mechanisms, which gives the leader a special role as one who can influence, with his interventions, the intensity of anxiety. In order to(More)
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