Vladimir Gromov

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The interactions of sexual partners and care of the offspring in male and female Mongolian gerbils reared in biparental and uniparental family groups (without an adult male) were compared. In individuals reared in biparental family groups, sexual differences related to the manifestation of parental care were small and statistically insignificant. In(More)
With ongoing CMOS evolution, the gate-oxide thickness steadily decreases, resulting in an increased radiation tolerance of MOS transistors. Combined with special layout techniques, this yields circuits with a high inherent robustness against X-rays and other ionizing radiation. In bandgap voltage references, the dominant radiation-susceptibility is then no(More)
Parental behavior in ten pairs of male and female red-backed voles, Clethrionomus rutilus, was studied under laboratory conditions. Significant sex differences were found in total time spent in the nest, time spent by adults alone in the nest, grooming time, and nest-building activity; in half of the males under study, the level of paternal care was(More)
FE-I4 is the new ATLAS pixel readout chip for the upgraded ATLAS pixel detector. Designed in a CMOS 130 nm feature size process, the IC is able to withstand higher radiation levels compared to the present generation of ATLAS pixel Front-End FE-I3, and can also cope with higher hit rate. It is thus suitable for intermediate radii pixel detector layers in the(More)
The cricetid rodents (hamsters, voles, and gerbils) show substantial inter-specific variation in their social organization, mating strategies, and patterns of social behavior, including parental care. In the present study, behaviors related to pair-bonding and parental activities were evaluated in male–female pairs of six cricetid species (Cricetulus(More)
86 According to Trivers [1], males should mate with as many females as possible and avoid taking care of off spring to maximize reproductive success. The results of studies performed on Passeriformes suggest that an increased aggressiveness and a high level of testoster one (T) secretion during the breeding season [2, 3] were characteristic of the most(More)
Compliance checking is gaining importance as today’s organizations need to show that their business practices are in accordance with predefined (legal) requirements. Current compliance checking techniques are mostly focused on checking the control-flow perspective of business processes. This paper presents an approach for checking the compliance of observed(More)
322 Paternal care is relatively rare in mammals [1]. In the past two decades, this phenomenon has been attracting much attention; a number of consistent patterns have been described in relation to it. Trivers [2] hypothesizes that a high reproductive success of males is ensured by a tendency to mate with the maximum possible number of females, and(More)
54 According to Trivers’ hypothesis [1], males of mammals, birds, and other higher vertebrates tend to mate with as many females as possible and avoid taking care of offspring in order to maximize the breeding success. The studies of some seasonally breeding Pas seriformes demonstrated that an increased aggressive ness, a high level of testosterone(More)
To test the current hypotheses on the relationship between the mating system, reproductive strategy, aggression, and secretion of testosterone, a comparative study of interactions in pair encounters, the level of parental care, and the gonadal testosterone level in males was performed in six rodent species (Clethrionomys rutilus, Meriones meridianus,(More)