Vladimir Grigorjevich Bespalov

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The anticarcinogenic effects and mechanisms of the biotechnological drugs of Panax ginseng C.A. Meyer cultivated in Russia, bioginseng, panaxel and panaxel- 5, were studied. Bioginseng was produced(More)
The influence of the polypeptide factors extracted from thymus, pineal gland, bone marrow, anterior hypothalamus, brain cortex or brain white substance on N-ethyl-N-nitrosourea (ENU)-induced(More)
PURPOSE Genotoxic stresses, including irradiation, lead to the apoptosis of damaged cells and the release of DNA fragments into circulation. Both α-tocopherol acetate and ascorbic acid possess(More)
The paper reports the results of the experimental and clinical evaluation of the administration of drugs prepared from flowers of Filipendula ulmaria (L.) Maxim for cervical dysplasia and cancer(More)