Vladimir Fokin

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Acoustic metamaterials can be described by effective material properties such as mass density and modulus. We have developed a method to extract these effective properties from reflection and transmission coefficients, which can be measured experimentally. The dependency of effective properties on the positions of the boundaries of the acoustic metamaterial(More)
We analyze the effect of elastic stresses on the thermodynamic driving force and the rate of crystal growth in glass-forming liquids. In line with one of the basic assumptions of the classical theory of nucleation and growth processes it is assumed that the composition of the clusters does not depend significantly on their sizes. Moreover, stresses we(More)
In the present chapter, we describe results of experimental investigations and theoretical analysis of phase selection and nucleation of pores in small samples of under-cooled diopside liquid when it is enclosed by a solid crystalline surface layer. The formation of the surface crystalline layer starts with nucleation and growth of highly dense diopside(More)
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