Vladimir F. Khopin

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Saturable absorption in bismuth-doped glasses was found to have a noticeable influence on soliton interaction and group formation. This phenomenon, observed in 1450 nm mode-locked bismuth-doped fiber laser, shows the distinct feature of the multiple pulse regime, which appears as a stationary pulse group whose length can be spread over the whole cavity(More)
Mode-locked fibre laser as a dissipative system is characterized by rich forms of soliton interaction, which take place via internal energy exchange through noisy background in the presence of dispersion and nonlinearity. The result of soliton interaction was either stationary-localized or chaotically-oscillated soliton complexes, which have been shown(More)
It is now almost twenty-five years since the first Erbium-Doped Fiber Amplifier (EDFA) was demonstrated. Currently, the EDFA is one of the most important elements widely used in different kinds of fiber-optic communication systems. However, driven by a constantly increasing demand, the network traffic, growing exponentially over decades, will lead to the(More)
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