Vladimir Ene

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In the last decade, ultrasound elastography, an already widely used technique in the diagnosis of hepatic fibrosis, has raised the attention of nephrologists as a potential valuable noninvasive tool for the diagnosis of renal fibrosis. Due to renal deep location and anatomic complexity, the shear wave techniques are the most appropriate elastography methods(More)
A follow-up study of Albendazol effectiveness therapy in human hydatid diseases was carry out using WHO methodology. Albendazole was given at a dose of 10 mg/Kg body/day in cycles of 28 days separated by 14 days without treatment. The efficacy of chemotherapy was evaluated by clinical improvement and changes in the cyst's morphology (detachment and collapse(More)
Computer tomography (CT), a noninvasive method of high complexity, compelled recognition in pneumological practice, becoming indispensable. The present study deals with 59 patients suspected of bronchopulmonary cancer, who were submitted to computer tomography, besides other examinations. CT contribution in establishing the diagnosis, the therapeutical line(More)
A new case of alveolar microlithiasis is reported, demanding for the diagnosis besides the radio-clinical investigations, complete respiratory function tests, also the pathologic proof. Authors recall the diagnostic approach and our present ignorance of the pathogenesis of this curious entity; no valid therapy is presently able to check the relentless(More)