Vladimir Elokhin

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The statistical lattice model has been proposed which permits one to take into account the change in the shape and surface morphology of the nanoparticle under the influence of the reaction media. The influence of monomolecular and dissociative adsorption on the particles equilibrium shape and surface morphology has been studied. It has been shown that by(More)
Prolonged transient regimes were found experimentally in chemical reactions in greatly different homogeneous (gas and liquid phase) and heterogeneous media. In several cases the non-steady-state kinetic curves have an induction period and are S-shaped. It has been shown previously /I-3/, that such slow relaxations can be of the purely kinetic origin, and(More)
Metropolis Monte Carlo technique has been applied to simulate the crystallization process in the melt of vanadium sulfuric acid supported catalysts. The melt is a lattice binary compound consisting of (V4+)(2) and (V5+)(2) binuclear complexes (dimers) confined by pore walls of cylindrical or slitlike shape. It has been shown that the crystallization process(More)
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