Vladimir Elman

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Individual electrodynamically trapped and laser cooled ions are addressed in frequency space using radio-frequency radiation in the presence of a static magnetic field gradient. In addition, an interaction between motional and spin states induced by an rf field is demonstrated employing rf optical double resonance spectroscopy. These are two essential(More)
We demonstrated for the first time (to our knowledge) the characterization of absolute frequency stability of three reference cavities by cross beating three laser beams that are independently locked to these reference cavities. This method shows the individual feature of each reference cavity, while conventional beat note measurement between two cavities(More)
We use the three-cornered-hat method to evaluate the absolute frequency stabilities of three different ultrastable reference cavities, one of which has a vibration-insensitive design that does not even require vibration isolation. An Nd:YAG laser and a diode laser are implemented as light sources. We observe approximately 1 Hz beat note linewidths between(More)
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