Vladimir E Zagainov

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BACKGROUND & AIMS There is increasing evidence that tight glucose control may reduce infectious complications and mortality in surgical critically ill patients. However, data regarding the influence of artificial nutrition on glycemic homeostasis are limited. Our aim was to review all randomized controlled trials on enteral versus parenteral nutrition in(More)
BACKGROUND It is believed that certain nutrients such as glutamine, arginine and omega-3 fatty acids may play a significant role in metabolic, inflammatory, and immune processes in acute pancreatitis. The present systematic review aimed to define whether the addition of these substances to enteral nutrition provides any clinical benefit over standard(More)
Domestic device for destruction of tumors by microwave power was designed. Initial series of laboratory experiments were performed with microwave liver ablation. Primary series of patients with colorectal cancer metastases to the liver demonstrate positive results. Short-term exposure, programmable shapes and sizes of ablative zones are the distinctive(More)
Positive results of combined surgeries in locally advanced cancer of the colon complicated with gastric fistula (3 patients) and duodenal fistula (1 patient) are presented. Effective treatment of these patients requires complex examination, good preoperative preparation, perfect anesthetic management, adequate operation and intensive postoperative(More)
Methods of surgical treatment of the patients, operated on the reason of chronic pancreatitis, complicated by the obstructive jaundice, were comparatively analyzed. 25 patients received pancreatoduodenal resection, 19 patients had the Bern variant of Beger operation. The quality of life was assessed with the use of MOS-SF-36. The duodenum preserving(More)
The ultrasound pattern of hepatic and renal changes after different types of resection is depicted. Ultrasound studies were performed in 335 patients operated on for focal hepatic masses and in 72 patients operated on for focal renal masses. The authors identified 3 patient groups after hepatic resection (segment-oriented liver resection (99 patients),(More)
The article analyses experience accumulated since September 1988 by the Department of Vascular Surgery based on Nizhny Novgorod Regional Clinical Hospital. The Department is equipped with apparatuses by means of which patients with generalized atherosclerotic lesions of the aorta and its branches can be examined to a full measure. The authors performed 287(More)
The authors present an analysis of possibilities of optical coherence tomography in preoperative determination of the proximal interface of the tumor. Under investigation there were 24 patients (14 of them with squamous cell carcinoma and 10 with adenocarcinoma), with localization of the process not more than 5 cm the from z-line.