Vladimir E. Korepin

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Painlevé analysis of correlation functions of the impenetrable Bose gas1] was based on the determinant representation of these correlation functions obtained by A. Lenard [2]. The impenetrable Bose gas is the free fermionic case of the quantum non-linear Schrödinger equation. In this paper we generalize the Lenard determinant representation for ψ(0, 0)ψ †(More)
We consider critical models in one dimension. We study the ground state in the thermodynamic limit (infinite lattice). We are interested in an entropy of a subsystem. We calculate the entropy of a part of the ground state from a space interval (0,x). At zero temperature it describes the entanglement of the part of the ground state from this interval with(More)
We continue the study of the u(2j2)-supersymmetric extension of the Hubbard model in one dimension. We determine the excitation spectrum at zero temperature even in the sectors where the ground states are u(2j2)-descendants of Bethe states. The ex-citations include spinons, holons, electrons, localons (local electrons pairs, moving coherently through the(More)
We consider non-relativistic electrons in one dimension with infinitely strong repulsive delta function interaction. We calculate the long-time, large-distance asymptotics of field-field correlators in the gas phase. The gas phase at low temperatures is characterized by the ideal gas law. We calculate the exponential decay, the power law corrections and the(More)