Vladimir Divjaković

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A new synthesis of goniobutenolides A (1) and B (2) and the corresponding 7-epimers has been achieved starting from diacetone d-glucose. The key step of the synthesis is a new one-pot sequence that commenced with Z-selective Wittig (or Horner-Wadsworth-Emmons) olefination, followed by successive γ-lactonisation and β-elimination. The above-mentioned(More)
Five new compounds belonging to the phosphoric triamide family have been synthesized: two of them with the formula XC(O)NHP(O)Y [X = CF3 (1) and CClF2 (2), Y = NHCH2C(CH3)2CH2NH] involving a 1,3-diazaphosphorinane ring part, and three 2,6-Cl2C6H3C(O)NHP(O)Z2 phosphoric triamides [Z = NHC(CH3)3 (3), N(CH3)(C6H11) (4) and N(CH3)(CH2C6H5) (5)]. The(More)
Synthesis of conformationally restricted (+)-goniofufurone (1) and 7-epi-(+)-goniofufurone (2) analogues, with embedded O-isopropylidene, O-methylidene or cyclic carbonate functions is disclosed starting from d-glucose. A number of potential bioisosteres of 1 and 2 bearing both 5,7-O-methylidene and 4-substituted cinnamoyloxy functions at the C-7 position(More)
A copper(II) complex with the pyridoxal-aminoguanidine (PL-AG) Schiff base adduct, as an organic compound of the very potent biological activity and promising pharmacological importance in the treatment of diabetic complications, has been prepared and characterized. The X-ray structural analysis of the [CuCl2(PL-AG)] complex showed that it has a distorted(More)
The reaction of aqueous solutions of amino-guanidine hydrogennitrate and acetyl-acetone produces the title pyrazole salt, C(7)H(18)N(8) (2+)·2NO(3) (-). The crystal structure is stabilized by a complex N-H⋯O hydrogen-bonding network. The difference in the engagement of the two nitrate anions in hydrogen bonding is reflected in the variation of the(More)
A series of styryl lactones containing the cinnamic acid ester groups such as (+)-crassalactones B (3a) and C (4a), 5,7-di-O-cinamoyl derivative 6, the corresponding 7-epimers and 7-deoxy derivatives have been synthesized, characterized and evaluated for their in vitro antitumour activity against a panel of several human tumour cell lines. Twelve new(More)
Recrystallization of the title compound, [Fe(C(5)H(5))(C(14)H(13)N(2)O(3))], from a mixture of n-hexane and dichloromethane gave the new polymorph, denoted (I), which crystallizes in the same space group (P1) as the previously reported structure, denoted (II). The Fe-C distances in (I) range from 2.015 (3) to 2.048 (2) Å and the average value of the C-C(More)
A series of new antitumour lactones containing the [3.3.0] bicyclic furano-lactone core and the halogen or azido group at the C-7 position have been designed, synthesized, and evaluated for their in vitro antitumour activity against a panel of human tumour cell lines. Some of the analogues displayed powerful antiproliferative effects to certain human tumour(More)
Naturally occurring styryl lactone, crassalactone D (1), unnatural 4-epi-crassalactone D (2), and the corresponding 7-epimers (3 and 4) have been synthesized starting from d-glucose. The key step of the synthesis is a new one-pot sequence that commenced with a Z-selective Wittig olefination of suitably functionalized sugar lactols with a stabilized ylide,(More)