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Concept of Romanization in Archaeology: Rise and Fall of a Paradigm
From the foundation of the discipline of archaeology, the study of the Roman provinces has been under the decisive influence of the concept of Romanization, itself developed under the specific socialExpand
Dea Dardanica: Pre-Roman tribal deity or Roman imperial construct?
The text problematizes the interpretation of Dea Dardanica, a religious phenomenon from the period of the Roman Empire, conceived from the traditional perspective as a kind of ethno-tribal deity ofExpand
Genius Loci Balkani: Reception of the Past and the Construction of the Academic Narrative on the Balkan Heritage
Postcolonial and postmodern perspectives, entering the humanities over the last decades of the 20th century, have contributed to the awareness that the present European interpretations of the pastExpand
Asymmetries in effects of domestic inflation drivers in the Baltic States: a Phillips curve-based nonlinear ARDL approach
ABSTRACT This study investigates asymmetry in the impact of domestic inflation drivers in the Baltic States, focusing on the output gap and unemployment gap. We aim to reveal how positive andExpand
Confusing Iron Ages
An Analysis of the Factors of NAIRU Dynamics in Selected OECD Countries
Unemployment represents one of the major problems in modern economies. In order to create appropriate measures for its reduction, it is necessary to know the exact relationship between the NAIRUExpand
Drawing on the recent reevaluations of the monumental-epigraphic practice, the aim of the paper is to emphasize diverse and multilayered meanings and uses of this particular social phenomenon.Expand
The Gordian Knot of Interpretation: Roman written sources, the idea of socio-cultural evolution and the concept of Romanization
In the Roman Empire, under the Greek influences, authors shared the idea of “the degree of humanity”, according to which the Romans formed value judgements about the “barbarian” societies. TheExpand