Vladimir D. Zivkovic

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In this paper, we present a comparison of two design-space exploration approaches. The comparison is in terms of (1) speed of simulation versus accuracy of performance numbers , and (2) connection to trajectories for detailed design. The two approaches are: The trace driven approach and the control data flow graph approach. The first approach leads to the(More)
In system-level platform-based embedded systems design, the mapping model is a crucial link between the application model and the architecture model. All three models must match when design-space exploration has to be fast and accurate, and when exploration methods and design methods have to be closely related. For the media processing application domain we(More)
In this paper we present an overview of system level design methodologies and tools. Eight tools and their underlying methodologies are analysed. We give a short description of each of them and point out some of their strengths and weaknesses. We conclude that there still is a lot of room for research on the design of embedded systems-on-a-chip, especially(More)
— In system-level platform-based embedded systems design, it is crucial to model accurately and efficiently all steps needed when mapping an application specification onto a pre-specified architecture specification. The availability of an accurate high-level mapping method leads to: 1) a fast and accurate performance estimation and 2) an efficient(More)
In this paper we present a survey of a recently developed approach to specifying, modelling, exploring and designing parallel media-processing and wireless communications platforms and platform instances. More specifically, we take a closer look at the notions of Y-chart and Abstraction Pyramid. The methodology and approach that is reviewed in this paper(More)
In this report we deal with a definition of the architecture modelling technique. We define representation, methods, and models related to the symbolic program exploration approach. We also show the reasons (motivation) why we choose this particular approach for exploration of different streaming multiprocessor architectures. Status of the Archer project(More)
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