Vladimir D. Miljković

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Recent progress in nanophotonics includes demonstrations of meta-materials displaying negative refraction at optical frequencies, directional single photon sources, plasmonic analogies of electromagnetically induced transparency and spectacular Fano resonances. The physics behind these intriguing effects is to a large extent governed by the same single(More)
Keywords: Non-linear dynamics and chaos Motifs of bursting map neurons Delayed chemical synapses Emergent phenomena in coupled oscillators Oscillation death a b s t r a c t Given the importance of the network motifs, we consider a pair of Rulkov chaotic map neu-rons, reciprocally coupled via symmetrical chemical synapses with the time delay s. For the(More)
We demonstrate a method for seamless transfer from a parent flat substrate of basically any lithographic top-down or bottom-up pattern onto essentially any kind of surface. The nano- or microscale patterns, spanning macroscopic surface areas, can be transferred with high conformity onto a large variety of surfaces when such patterns are produced on a thin(More)
In numerous applications of energy harvesting via transformation of light into heat the focus recently shifted towards highly absorptive nanoplasmonic materials. It is currently established that noble metals-based absorptive plasmonic platforms deliver significant light-capturing capability and can be viewed as super-absorbers of optical radiation.(More)
Spike packet propagation is modeled in mesoscopic-scale networks, composed of locally and recurrently coupled neural pools, and embedded in a two-dimensional lattice. Site dynamics is governed by three key parameters--pool connectedness probability, synaptic strength (following the steady-state distribution of some realizations of spike-timing-dependent(More)
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