Vladimir D. Miljković

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Recent progress in nanophotonics includes demonstrations of meta-materials displaying negative refraction at optical frequencies, directional single photon sources, plasmonic analogies of electromagnetically induced transparency and spectacular Fano resonances. The physics behind these intriguing effects is to a large extent governed by the same single(More)
Metal nanowires are thought to become key elements in future nanophotonics applications. Here we show that single crystal silver nanowires supported on a dielectric interface behave similar to broadband unidirectional antennas for visible light. The degree of directionality can be controlled through the nanowire radius and its dielectric environment and the(More)
We demonstrate optical alignment and rotation of individual plasmonic nanostructures with lengths from tens of nanometers to several micrometers using a single beam of linearly polarized near-infrared laser light. Silver nanorods and dimers of gold nanoparticles align parallel to the laser polarization because of the high long-axis dipole polarizability.(More)
Nano-optical antennas based on plasmonic metal particles are well-known for their ability to dramatically concentrate electromagnetic energy. However, not much attention has been devoted to the directionality properties of nanoantennas. Here, we report on the angular distribution of surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) emitted by isolated aggregates of(More)
The understanding of interaction forces between nanoparticles in colloidal suspension is central to a wide range of novel applications and processes in science and industry. However, few methods are available for actual characterization of such forces at the single particle level. Here we demonstrate the first measurements of colloidal interactions between(More)
We present a method for calculating the differential scattering cross sections from nanostructures close to an interface separating two semi-infinitive dielectric media. The method combines a fast finite element software (Comsol multiphysics), used for calculations of the fields around and inside the structure, and the Green's functions method, which is(More)
We investigate the electromagnetic interaction between a gold nanoparticle and a thin gold film on a glass substrate. The coupling between the particle plasmons and the surface plasmon polaritons of the film leads to the formation of two localized hybrid modes, one low-energy "film-like" plasmon and one high-energy plasmon dominated by the nanoparticle. We(More)
In this paper we discuss several examples of generating directional light emission on a nanoscale as well as utilization of these results for color routing, sensing and strong coupling applications. Examples include propagating plasmons in metallic nanowires, spontaneous formation of optical phase mismatch in materially asymmetric silver-gold and(More)
We have measured the angular distribution of light scattered off 2D plasmonic Al nanoparticle ensembles. We created these samples with disk-like nanoparticles, 175 and 500 nm in diameter, respectively, using hole-mask colloidal lithography and electron beam lithography. The nanoparticle arrangements in the samples display the short-range order (but no(More)
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