Vladimir Chernikov

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The article describes the architecture and the instruction set of a single chip digital neuroprocessor with variable length operands. The originality of the processor lies in its ability to increase efficiency with the decrease of the operand length which permits to obtain optimum relation of precision/efficiency factors. This processor can be used for(More)
Schwann cells forming peri-insular glial sheath of the pancreatic islets in some mammals can be involved in the pathogenesis of diabetes mellitus. Human pancreatic cells contain small elongated or oval cells of unknown origin with S100-immunopositive processes. We found that cells with processes located in pancreatic islets of human fetuses and children are(More)
Ciliated cells were found in the epithelium of the oral cavity of human embryos and fetuses starting from the seventh week of prenatal development. At the early stages of prenatal development (until the 13th week), cells with cilia cover most of the dorsal surface of the tongue and the soft palate, whereas they are found only near the gland ducts in the(More)
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