Vladimir Bozovic

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An attribute based encryption scheme capable of handling multiple authorities was recently proposed by Chase. The scheme is built upon a single-authority attribute based encryption scheme presented earlier by Sahai and Waters. Chase’s construction uses a trusted central authority that is inherently capable of decrypting arbitrary ciphertexts created within(More)
A novel scheme for securing biometric templates of variable size and order is proposed. The proposed scheme is based on new similarity measure approach, namely the set intersection, which strongly resembles the methodology used in most current state-of-the-art biometrics matching systems. The applicability of the new scheme is compared with that of the(More)
Let (I1; I2; :::; Ik) be a random k-tuple of subintervals of the discrete interval [1; n], and Ln the random variable that measures the size of their insersection. We derive the exact and asymptotic distribution of Ln under the assumption of equally likely drawn k-tuples. The enumeration of such k-tuples and re…nements of the given statistic lead to(More)
In this work we discuss security issues and challenges in the emerging technologies for storing biometric templates securely. Several of the previously proposed schemes are analyzed and are shown to have weaknesses in several practical scenarios. We provide a generalization of the observed insecurities and establish a better security model under which(More)
We consider the group action of the automorphism group Un = Aut(Zn) on the set Zn, that is the set of residue classes modulo n. Clearly, this group action provides a representation of Un as a permutation group acting on n points. One problem to be solved regarding this group action is to find its cycle index. Once it is found, there appears a vast class of(More)
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