Vladimir Bobkov

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ASDEX Upgrade was operated with fully W-covered wall in 2007 and 2008. Stationary H-modes at the ITER target values and improved H-modes with H up to 1.2 were run without any boronisation. The boundary conditions set by the full W-wall (high enough ELM frequency, high enough central heating and low enough power density arriving at the target plates) require(More)
The study of the mass center (CM) motion of the left ventri-cle (LV) area in echocardiographic videos is presented. CM of any phase of the cardiac cycle is inside an ellipse. An area of the ellipse is not more than 2% of the area of LV in systole. The criterion to identify correct and incorrect forms of contours are proposed for automatic contouring of LV(More)
The main point of the talk is an alternative approach to the construction of numerical methods for stiff problems. It can be interpreted as a generalization of fixed-point iterations for implementation of implicit collocation methods. The algorithms proposed combine easy implementation and low cost of iterations with superior convergence properties on stiff(More)
Echocardiography is a widespread method for analysing of the heart muscle, in which a consistent set of frames with instant images of the heart are recieved. Cardiologists build a contour, which bound an area of the left ventricle for each frame, because its state gives the information to diagnose diseases of the heart muscle. Doctors have an idea about the(More)
Signatures of medical contouring of the left-ventricular (LV) regions are studied. This research is part of addressing the general problem on automatic contouring of LV regions on ultrasound frames with apical four-chamber cardiac projection. A signature is a curve of an LV contour plotted in polar coordinates. The optimal point in the center of the LV(More)
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