Vladimir Blazek

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BACKGROUND Interface pressure and stiffness characterizing the elastic properties of the material are the parameters determining the dosage of compression treatment and should therefore be measured in future clinical trials. OBJECTIVE To provide some recommendations regarding the use of suitable methods for this indication. METHOD This article was(More)
Synergetic concepts allow to identify emergent coordination phenomena between interacting physiological systems, for example between the cutaneous microcirculation, the sympathetic nervous system and the cardiac and pulmonary systems. The temporal patterns (oscillations of various frequencies) that are found in the data obtained with laser-Doppler(More)
An atypical or irregular respiratory frequency is considered to be one of the earliest markers of physiological distress. In addition, monitoring of this vital parameter plays a major role in diagnosis of respiratory disorders, as well as in early detection of sudden infant death syndrome. Nevertheless, the current measurement modalities require attachment(More)
A new noninvasive technique that reveals cross sectional images of scattering media is presented. It is based on a continuous wave frequency modulated radar, but uses a tunable laser in the near infrared. As the full width at half maximum resolution of 16 μm is demonstrated with an external cavity laser, the chirp optical coherence tomography becomes an(More)
In legal medicine and also in other fields of medicine a unique characterization of the optical parameters of biological objects is often necessary. In this paper a method for the description of such probes is presented. The range of wavelength considered is the 400 nm ... 1100 nm part of the electromagnetic spectrum. The method is based on the(More)
The causes of the aperiodic fluctuations in the perfusion of the skin (volar hand, measured by the Laser-Doppler (LD) technique) of healthy human subjects were studied were studied by simultaneous recording of the fluctuations of local blood content (reflectiophotoplethysmography (rPPG)) and those in the skin of the glabella. Various thermoregulatory(More)
The paper presents recent advances in photoplethysmography (PPG) and the role played by PPG in the noninvasive diagnostics of venous and arterial disease. The technical principles of the new self-calibrating photoplethysmographs are explained. These units allow a quantitative evaluation of all measurement data (e.g. time values, amplitudes, flow rates,(More)
Spectral remission analysis has been known for long in the medical sciences [1,2,3] but has gained practical importance only in the last years due to the existence of modern techniques and components [4,5]. In this paper a method is presented which enlarges the range of applications of spectral remission and transmission analysis for wavelengths between 380(More)
A review is given of the conventional methods of determining the age of blood stains by forensic examination of trace evidence. Detailed analysis of the samples in several steps, which destroyed the traces, and the widely differing results do not appear satisfactory with regard to their use in forensic investigations. Considering the change in color with(More)
Cardiovascular diseases are among the most common causes of death in industrial countries. In order to take preventive actions, it is of great interest, to both physicians and patients, to determine cardiovascular risk factors early. To address this problem, a wearable in-ear measuring system (IN-MONIT) for 24/7 monitoring of vital parameters has been(More)