Vladimir Bezjak

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Standardized, evenly dispersed hyphal suspensions served as the inoculum in a microtiter technique for amphotericin B antifungal susceptibility testing. Preliminary testing with six strains of Aspergillus fumigatus and A. flavus produced consistent and reproducible results at 30 degrees C over 24 h. The observed amphotericin B MICs required for hyphae (0.3(More)
Cardiovascular alterations such as increased heart rate, high cardiac output, reduced systemic vascular resistance, and in most of the cases, increased contractility parameters have been recognized in patients with advanced liver disease. Some investigators define a cirrhotic cardiomyopathy as a hyperdynamic failure of the heart. Consequently, in patients(More)
A 39-year-old previously healthy patient with combined pulmonary and neural cryptococcosis was successfully managed by pulmonary resection and antifungal chemotherapy. The pulmonary mass was removed under cover of miconazole and 5-fluorocytosine even though the patient had concomitant active meningitis. He recovered dramatically after the surgical procedure(More)
Utilisation and production of amino acids by isolates of Branhamella catarrhalis was studied by ion exchange chromatography after cells had been grown in nutrient broth and Mueller-Hinton broth. The profiles of amino acids used and produced by each strain were compared by a single linkage cluster algorithm. The results of this study reflect the biochemical(More)
Power-time (p-t) curve profiles and relationships between the p-t curves and viable cell counts when Escherichia coli NTCT 10418 was grown in two different broth media, were studied by flow microcalorimetry. Data obtained from a total of twenty six experiments and expressed by arithmetic means are presented and analysed. The increase in viable cell numbers(More)