Vladimir Bereishik

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In this paper, a combined automatic/interactive technology and algorithms for interpretation of color maps is proposed. Main stages of technology are: color image binarization, binary image vectorization and vectorized image object interpretation. Special scheme for automatic image vectorization as well as automatic object recognition techniques performed(More)
In this paper, the problem of 3D-object model reconstruction from engineering drawing projections is analysed, and its main stages are shown. Image vectorisation and entity recognition is mentioned briefly, the main focus being editing or the parameterisation of vectorised drawings and 3D object model reconstruction from vectorised ED projections.(More)
The paper introduces the main principles of automatic interpretation of engineering drawing images. The technology of ED interpretation is proposed based on the introduced principles. The algorithms for automatic recognition of the main ED entities: line types, circular arcs, blocks, crosshatched areas, dimensions are proposed. They have been verijied(More)
An effective pipeline oriented scheme and new techniques to process large-size 2D line-drawing images in a restricted computer memory are suggested. The main differences of our approach are a modified run-length image representation on all processing steps, storing a limited amount of image lines in memory, and new raster-to-vector transform algorithms(More)
An original technology and techniques to digitize large-size maps is presented in the paper. Difficulties in automatic solution of this task made us to produce a wmbinedautomatic-interactive technology which includes together with automatic vectori7ation of map layers and automatic object recognition also interactive object digitizing and manual object(More)