Vladimir Barannik

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Substantiation of is spent that for increase of efficiency of processing and delivery of the video data with use information communication systems of real time it is required to carry out cryptographic enciphering simultaneously with the organisation of compact representation.
Approach to the data compression is created, based on the exception of three -dimensional structural surplus. It is grounded, that is removed three -dimensional surplus on the basis of account of conformities to the law in dynamic ranges simultaneously on three co-ordinates.
This document implements a mathematical description of the OFDM symbol. The goal was set to analyze principle and method for forming Gray's code. The description for the signal code construction. The description of a transient process between the bit stream and the analog signal.
The necessity of development of technologies of processing of images on the basis of their differential representation is proved. The method of compression of images on the basis of formation and coding of the two-dimensional nonequilibrium punched numbers is developed. The system of rules for code formation is created, using the punched lexicography.
It is offered the method of compression of the images on the basis of compact representation of transforms components of discrete wavelet-transformations (dwt). The formation of code representation of transforms is held in dynamic polyadic system. In this case the additional increase of a degree of compression is achieved as a result of reduction of the(More)
Methodological principles of biadical presentation interframes apertures video information stream, which is based on that packages, consisting differentially-presented shots, are replaced the set interframes apertures, are created, and every between-shots aperture is examined as an even biadical number with a limit locally-spatial increase on the elements(More)