Vladimir Baláz

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During the period of a low vitamin C intake (approximately equal to 20 mg per day) ascorbic acid in a dose of 2 x 500 mg per day was administered to 82 men and women aged 50-75 years. A correlation of plasma cholesterol levels determined before and after a three months' administration of ascorbic acid showed the effect of vitamin C to be dependent on the(More)
13 month-old and 25 month-old Wistar rats were exposed to immobilisation stress and compared with a control group of animals. The most impressive influence was found in mitochondria but there were not any significant changes of myofibrils. The number of mitochondria decreased significantly as well as their relative cytoplasmic volume. Absolute mitochondrial(More)
Platelet aggregation and ATP release were simultaneously measured in platelet-rich plasma samples obtained from humans of various age. In subjects aged over 59 years, an increase was found in platelet sensitivity to ADP and collagen as well as elevated aggregation amplitudes 5 min after induction with low concentrations of the aggregation agents. At 1(More)
Fatty acid (FA) profiles of total serum lipids were determined by capillary gas chromatography in Type 2 diabetic patients (NIDDM) with diverse types of hyperlipidemia. In patients with hypertriglyceridemia (DM-HTG) and combined hypertriglyceridemia and hypercholesterolemia (DM-HLP), a significantly different total FA composition was found compared with(More)
Ivage geese were fattened for 6 weeks; 3-5 weeks later, with diminished food intake, they developed degenerative ultrastructural changes of the myocardium: frequent myelin-like bodies, fragmentation and sometimes contractive bundles of myofibrils, lipid droplets, nuclear lobulation and focal cytolysis were observed. Adaptive changes included hypermetabolic(More)
Reactive products of oxygen, lysosomal enzymes, and catalase in PMNL were studied in 174 men of different ages. In two age groups also superoxide dismutase was determined in erythrocytes. Of the given parameters of PMNL markers of aging were selectively established by using the method of correlation analysis and simple linear regression. Combinations of the(More)