Vladimir B Shur

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This is a retrospective study of 102 patients with intertrochanteric hip fractures comparing the operative results of short gamma nail™ fixation with the sliding hip screw. The average patient age in the study is 83 years (range 52–94 years) with 87% females. The transfusion requirements between the two groups did not differ but a slightly larger decrease(More)
Brachial plexus injuries requiring extensive exposure might benefit from a transclavicular approach. At a level 1 trauma center, 20 patients underwent surgical intervention for brachial plexus injuries, 10 via a transclavicular approach. For 5 patients, the transclavicular approach was accomplished through osteotomy with a technique presented herein, and(More)
Traumatic injuries to the distal tibiofibular syndesmosis often accompany ankle fractures. Repair of the syndesmosis is critical for the normal function of the ankle joint. Conventional reduction of the diastasis is achieved with the use of a periarticular reduction clamp. The authors describe an alternative method for reduction of the syndesmosis using a(More)
Consider n mutually coprime positive integers a1, a2, . . . , an. This means that there is no r > 1 such that each aj , 1 6 j 6 n, is divisible by r. Take N which later will tend to infinity and will be our main large parameter. Introduce the ensembleQN of mutually coprime a = (a1, . . . , an), 1 6 aj 6 N , 1 6 j 6 n and PN be the uniform probability(More)
It has been shown by IR and NMR spectroscopy that cyclic trimeric perfluoro-o-phenylenemercury (o-C6F4-Hg)3 (1) is capable of binding closo-[B10H10]2- and closo-[B12H12]2- anions to form complexes [[(o-C6F4Hg)3](B10-H10)]2- (2), [[(o-C6F4Hg)3]2(B10H10)]2-(3), [[(o-C6F4Hg)3](B12H12)]2- (4), and [[(o-C6F4Hg)3]2(B12H12)]2- (5). According to IR data, the(More)
The authors present the successful transfer of a compound flap based on the sternocleidomastoid muscle in a patient who had undergone radiation therapy and a near-total laryngectomy. The surgical procedure, a one-stage reconstruction with a regional rotational flap, utilized a segment of the sternal periosteum and underlying anterior cortex attached to the(More)
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