Vladimir Antonov

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Ion-specific channels in artificial membranes have been formed by the addition of gramicidin A, alamethicin, polyene antibiotics and some proteins to the solution surrounding the bilayer lipid membrane. Until now there have been no reports of single-ion channels in unmodified lipid membranes. We have now studied the electrical conductance of planar lipid(More)
The concepts and ideas of coherent, nonlinear and quantum optics have been extended to photon energies in the range of 10-100 kiloelectronvolts, corresponding to soft γ-ray radiation (the term used when the radiation is produced in nuclear transitions) or, equivalently, hard X-ray radiation (the term used when the radiation is produced by electron motion).(More)
The release of cytochrome c (cyt c) from mitochondria is responsible for initiation of cell apoptosis. Although extramitochondrial proteins are thought to initiate this release, the exact mechanism remains unclear. Cyt c binds to and penetrates lipid bilayer membranes of specific phospholipid cardiolipin (CL) contained in mitochondria. We present here the(More)
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