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On a New Source of Electromagnetic Radiation: Experimental Evidence
Electromagnetism deals with three very different types of fields: “static”, “kinematical”, and “dynamical”. Fields of the first type originate in a stationary body—charged or magnetized. Fields ofExpand
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A Relativistic Consideration of Kinematic Magnetic and Electric Fields
Kinematic fields arise due to a uniform movement (constant velocity) of a permanent magnet or an electric charge. Previous experimental and theoretical results for the classical approximationExpand
An Unexpected Controversy between Special Relativity and General Relativity
Special Relativity Theory (SRT) is considered to be very compatible with classical electrodynamics. Nonetheless, sometimes its implementation in the realm of electromagnetism leads to rather strangeExpand
Relativistic Paradox Characteristic for Belt Transmission with the Bell-Effect
Several contradictions inherent for relativistic dynamics get evident in the case of mechanical systems of cyclic type. In the present paper a version of situation taking place in the moving beltExpand
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About Unusual Properties of Kinematical Magneto-Electric Systems Possessing Spherical Geometry
It is common knowledge that properties of any system cannot be reduced to the sum of properties of its elements as relations between elements play an important role in the system structure andExpand
Triplet paradox in special relativity
Special Relativity Theory (SRT) proved to be in the excellent compatibility with classical electrodynamics. However, there are several logically deduced discrepancies inherent in SRT itself namedExpand
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On the Field of a Moving Charge
An electro-magnetic field appearing in a laboratory due to moving charges has unusual properties. In particular, such a field of kinematical origin does not obey the wave equation with aExpand
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с ц ИПИон аФрИКанс КИй И ТИТу Л Imperator В ПоЛИТИЧес Кой с Ис Теме рИмс Кой рес Пу БЛИКИ
Саратовский государственный университетE-mail: Vladimir.Leus@mail.ruСтатья посвящена трансформации понятия imperator в римской республике. исследование показывает роль выдающегося рим-скогоExpand
Mathematical Modelling of a Gravitational Optical Phenomenon in the Milky Way Centre
The astronomical data obtained from the observations of an enigmatic object hidden in the centre of our Galaxy suggest possible optical phenomena due to the light bending. The existence of theExpand