Vladimir A Stoy

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To the Editor: In her recent editorial (Roberts C. The cornea is not a piece of plastic. J Refract Surg 2000;16:407-413), Dr. Roberts points out that biomechanical flattening enhances a myopic excimer laser ablation and works against a hyperopic ablation. Would the circular severing of corneal lamellae in hyperopic ablation not lead to a contraction of the(More)
  • V A Stoy
  • 1989
The new type of hydrogel system (which is known under the trademark HYPAN), is described in some detail here, emphasizing its grades and those properties potentially useful in controlled drug delivery systems. HYPAN hydrogels are distinguished by a physical network of crystalline clusters which fully replace the covalent network typical of other hydrogels.(More)
PURPOSE The in vitro study compares natural and synthetic osmotic dilators in selected parameters influencing their clinical efficacy. METHODS Diameters of Laminaria and synthetic dilators (Dilapan-S and Dilasoft) were measured in dry state, during free swelling in isotonic solution and during swelling against a force. Three aspects were(More)
Topical sustained release of various medications by a subdurally implantable device at the site of spinal cord injury is considered advantageous in the treatment of early symptoms of tissue damage. A typical case is the interference with collagenous scar by beta-aminopropionitrile, inhibiting collagen polymerization. Four materials, silicone, polyethylene,(More)
Measurements of the permeability coefficients of various compounds up-to a molecular weight of about 70,000 have shown clearly that membranes prepared from hydrolyzed polyacrylonitrile are about 10 times more permeable than those made of poly(2-hydroxyethyl) methacrylate. The higher permeability is probably due more to the higher water content (about 75%)(More)
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