Vladimir A. Sidorkin

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In this work, we used a preparation of diminazene, which belongs to the group of aromatic diamidines. This compound acts on the causative agents of blood protozoan diseases produced by both flagellated protozoa (Trypanosoma) and members of the class Piroplasmida (Babesia, Theileria, and Cytauxzoon) in various domestic and wild animals, and it is widely used(More)
New possibilities arising from the availability at GSI of antiproton beams, possibly polarised, are discussed. The investigation of the nucleon structure can be boosted by accessing in Drell–Yan processes experimental asymmetries related to cross-sections in which the parton distribution functions (PDF) only appear, without any contribution from(More)
Peridural injections of morphine were given to 180 incurable cancer patients suffering chronic pain. The effectiveness of the said procedure as well as its side-effects were assessed. A relationship between the external respiration parameters, on the one hand, and drug dosage and time postinjection, on the other, was studied. The data obtained point to the(More)
The study was aimed at evaluating the effectiveness of liposomal, micellar, and water-soluble drug forms of diminazene for its localization in cells and selective accumulation at the sites of aggregation of pathogenic organisms. Pharmacological and dynamic properties of a new injection micellar diminazene preparation were experimentally determined. These(More)
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