Vladimir A Levchenko

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Elucidating the material culture of early people in arid Australia and the nature of their environmental interactions is essential for understanding the adaptability of populations and the potential causes of megafaunal extinctions 50-40 thousand years ago (ka). Humans colonized the continent by 50 ka, but an apparent lack of cultural innovations compared(More)
Lipids are critical to cellular function and it is generally accepted that lipid turnover is rapid and dysregulation in turnover results in disease (Dawidowicz 1987; Phillips et al., 2009; Liu et al., 2013). In this study, we present an intriguing counter-example by demonstrating that in the center of the human ocular lens, there is no lipid turnover in(More)
We propose to form nanoelectrode arrays by deposition of the electrocatalyst through lyotropic liquid crystalline templates onto inert electrode support. Whereas Prussian Blue is known to be a superior electrocatalyst in hydrogen peroxide reduction, carbon materials used as electrode support demonstrate only a minor activity. We report on the possibility(More)
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