Vladimir A. Garanzha

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Definition of complex domain as zero isosurface of scalar function resembling signed distance function is powerful and flexible mechanism of geometric modeling. Signed implicit functions can be constructed using surface triangulation, point clouds, set of planar cross-sections, " soup " consisting of disjoint edges and faces, and can be combined with(More)
  • D E Pa, R Tm En T Of, M Ath, Em Atics, V A Garanzha, V A G Aranzha
  • 2016
The version of the following full text has not yet been defined or was untraceable and may differ from the publisher's version. A b str a c t T he grid generation m ethod based on th e m inim ization of th e discrete barrier functional w ith feasible set consisting of quasi-isom etric grids is suggested. T he deviation from isom etry for given grid(More)