Vladimir A. Garanzha

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Variational methods for grid generation and for construction of spatial mappings with prescribed properties [1–7] have become important tools in many real-life applications. Despite considerable progress in this area, lots of unsolved problems still exist. Since the introduction of de Boor equidistribution principle [8], it became clear that the ability to(More)
Definition of complex domain as zero isosurface of scalar function resembling signed distance function is powerful and flexible mechanism of geometric modeling. Signed implicit functions can be constructed using surface triangulation, point clouds, set of planar cross-sections, “soup” consisting of disjoint edges and faces, and can be combined with(More)
We consider an algorithm for construction of thick prismatic mesh layers which works as follows. A triangular surface mesh is specified as input. Then, thin initial layer of highly compressed hyperelastic material glued to the surface is constructed using robust algorithm for computation of discrete normals. This pre-stressed material expands, possibly with(More)