Vladimir A. Dorovskikh

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Recently the American Heart Association has reported that favorable effects of soy protein on blood lipids were characteristic only for high amounts of soy protein and not observed for an intake less than 30 g/d. However, the period of the studies with the smaller amount was 4-6 wk and we thought a longer study was necessary for the conclusion. The death(More)
Nine newly synthesized malonic acid derivatives were shown to have antioxidizing activity which makes up from 30 to 60% of the antioxidizing activity of ionol and vitamin E in vitro and does not yield to the activity of the latter substances in vivo. It is suggested that malonic acid derivatives may influence the antioxidizing enzymes--catalase,(More)
The investigation showed that reamberin application in the complex treatment of patients with severe disintegrated fractures of pelvic bones is pathogenetically grounded. Despite polyetiological origin of critical conditions in the organism in this case, all these have a common pathophysiological basis of three main processes: hypoxia, intoxication, and(More)
The technique for studying of the got behaviour at laboratory animals is offered. The corrective influence of high doses of Piracetam is shown on the example of aimed motor food runnings which contribute to food reguiments. Primary differences of the modular device in comparison with the "Colombian" chamber are noted.
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