Vladimir A. Bashkin

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The paper presents a formalism and a tool for modelling and analysis of distributed real-time systems of mobile agents. For that we use a time extension of our Resource Driven Automata Nets (TRDA-nets) formalism. A TRDA-net is a two-level system. The upper level represents distributed environment locations with a net of active resources. On the lower level(More)
In this work we consider modeling of workflow systems with Petri nets. A resource workflow net (RWF-net) is a workflow net, supplied with an additional set of initially marked resource places. Resources can be consumed and/or produced by transitions. We do not constrain neither the intermediate nor final resource markings, hence a net can have an infinite(More)
One-counter nets are nondeterministic one-counter automata without zero-testing (Petri Nets with at most one unbounded place). A one-counter circuit of length ∆ is a strongly connected one-counter net, such that ∆ is a greatest common divisor of effects of all its cycles. A circuit has simple periodic behaviour: for any control state the set of(More)
These joint workshops aim at bringing together, in an informal setting, researchers interested in all aspects of model checking and composition for different models of concurrency, whether this interest be practical or theoretical, primary or derived. SUMo and CompoNet PC members have reviewed nine submissions by researchers from several countries. Each(More)