Vladimir A. Bashkin

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The paper presents a formalism and a tool for modelling and analysis of distributed real-time systems of mobile agents. For that we use a time extension of our Resource Driven Automata Nets (TRDA-nets) formalism. A TRDA-net is a two-level system. The upper level represents distributed environment locations with a net of active resources. On the lower level(More)
In this work we consider modeling of workflow systems with Petri nets. A resource workflow net (RWF-net) is a workflow net, supplied with an additional set of initially marked resource places. Resources can be consumed and/or produced by transitions. We do not constrain neither the intermediate nor final resource markings, hence a net can have an infinite(More)
A class of infinite-state automata with a simple periodic behaviour and a convenient graphical representation is studied. A positive one-counter circuit is defined as a strongly connected onecounter net (one-counter nondeterministic finite automata without zero-testing) with at least one positive cycle. It is shown that in a positive circuit an infinite(More)
One-counter nets are finite-state machines operating on a variable (counter), which ranges over the natural numbers. Each transition can increase or decrease the counter’s value, and a decrease is possible only if the result is nonnegative; hence, zero testing is not allowed. The class of one-counter nets is equivalent in terms of its expressive power to(More)