Vladimír Vallo

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The authors — all members of the recently established O.I.L.B. working group — give in this first report a brief introduction into the pest problem and the biological, economic and environmental aspects which are favourable for the application of genetic control methods againstR. cerasi. En vue du développement des recherches sur la Mouche des cerises en(More)
The morphology and development of immature stages of the solitary internal parasitoid Coptera occidentalis were studied within the pupae of their factitious host, Ceratitis capitata. Parasitoid eggs are of the hymenopteriform type. Three larval instars are described. The first instar is of the mandibulate type bearing prominent submandibular appendages and(More)
The authors — members of the OILB working group on genetic control of the Europan cherry fruit fly,Rhagoletis cerasi L. — describe in this second report the development of a standard trap for the target species and its applications in the framework of the genetic control procedures in progress. The trap has increased the attractiveness for the flies about(More)
The authors, members of the IOBC working group on genetic control of the European cherry fruit flyRhagoletis cerasi L., present the summarized results of a joint 4-year experiment aiming at the optimalization of storage conditions for stockpiled pupae. Highest emergence rates are achieved by chilling periods of 5 to 6 months and recommended storage(More)
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