Vladimír Sládeček

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Six hundred and twenty species and lower taxonomical units of Rotatoria found in Czechoslovakia and surrounding countries are listed alphabetically and classified according to water quality. The numerical characteristics include the saprobic valence in 10 balls, the indicative weight of species, Ii, and the individual saprobic index, Si. Rotifers are(More)
The present state of the saprobity system ofKolkwitz &Marsson as well as its modifications and expansions were discussed. Many critical notes were summarized and partly discussed, too. Although this system is only an empirical one and shows many insufficiencies, it is considered right. The main directions for future development, corrections and improvements(More)
The cladoceran Daphnia pulex obtusa (Kurz) Scourfield was cultivated individually under laboratory conditions and fed in the first series of experiments with dry edible yeast, in the second one with the chlorococcacean alga Scenedesmus abundans, in both cases in three concentrations of food and in 10 parallel vials: 1. At raising the concentration of yeast(More)
In the northeastern part of Moravia in the vicinity of the town of Moravska Ostrava (a part of the former territory of Silesia), three new habitats of the Rotifer Hexarthra fennica LEVANDER were found in June, 1950 and August, 1951 . This is the first record dealing with this species in Czechoslovakia, since the discovery of the near related species(More)
The species Ascomorpha minima was described by NILS VON HOFSTEN (1909) according to many specimens found in the large moorland Mastermyr on the Gotland Island in the Baltic Sea (Sweden). It occurred in July, August and September . Because it has not been revealed in Germany, it was not included into the standard determining work by COLLIN, DIEFFENBACH,(More)
By means of the glass slide method a study of the periphyton production was performed in the Sedlice Reservoir (Bohemia, Czechoslovakia) during the period July 30, 1958 – June 8th, 1959. The gravimetric mass analysis of the periphyton rendered at 9 sampling dates in 4–6 weeks intervals results for 4 depths (1, 3, 6, 9 m) including the zone of producers, the(More)
The eighth national conference was held September 5-8th, 1967 at Bysthi6ka (N . E. Moravia), three years after the seventh conference (see Hydrobiologia 29: 288-295, 1967) . In total 86 Czechoslovakian and 2 foreign participants attended the sessions . Abstracts of all 52 lectures are given in the following text : 1 . P. OLSZEWSKI (Olsztyn, Poland) : "New(More)