Vladimír Rogalewicz

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At present, complex evaluation of medical devices is very topical. The methods of pharmacoeconomics and cost analyses appear to need some modifications caused by a different character of medical devices [1]. One of the approaches to this task is utilization of multi-criteria decision making [2]. In this study, a methodology for medical devices evaluation is(More)
Health Technology Assessment developed out of pharmacoeconomy; although it is routinely used for all health technologies incl. therapeutic interventions, preventive measures etc., its methodology fits best for drugs. Medical devices have their specificities that affect significantly all processess, where they are involved. The differences between medical(More)
BACKGROUND Hypothyroidism and/or autoimmune thyroid disorders (AITD) may contribute to spontaneous abortions (SpA). Cost-effectiveness analyses of thyroid screening in women after SpA are lacking. Our aim was to evaluate the cost-effectiveness of screening for AITD and/or hypothyroidism and their treatment in women after SpA with regard to their(More)
Researcher «include» «extend» «extend» «extend» «extend» «include» «include» «include» «extend» «extend» «extend» «extend» «extend» «include» «include» «include» «include» «include» Abstract—We developed a software package for management and evaluation of non-invasive cardiac autonomic tests. These tests aim to investigate the human cardiovascular function(More)
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