Vladimír Marík

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We developed new class of approaches to manufacturing and supply chain decision making. These approaches employ multiagent systems, which consist of a set of intelligent agents hosted on an appropriate software platform. Agent-based technology can potentially solve complex, dynamic decision processes that are distributed. By enabling networks of autonomous(More)
Industrial agents technology leverages the benefits of multiagent systems, distributed computing, artificial intelligence techniques and semantics in the field of production, services and infrastructure sectors, providing a new way to design and engineer control solutions based on the decentralization of control over distributed structures. The key drivers(More)
This paper reports on industrial deployment of multi-agent systems and agent technology. It provides an overview of several application domains and an in-depth presentation of four specific case studies. The presented applications and deployment domains have been analyzed. The analysis indicates that despite strong industrial involvement in this field, the(More)
The paper provides an overview of the agent-based solutions developed by the Rockwell Automation company for the purposes of industrial control. Using agent-based manufacturing control, a higher degree of flexibility and reconfigurability of manufacturing solutions as well as higher robustness of the industrial systems can be achieved. Specific solutions(More)
This manuscript provides a comprehensive overview of long term R&D activities of the Rockwell Automation company in the field of holonic and agent-based manufacturing control systems. It presents a coherent framework of methodologies for designing agent-based control systems, tools that support implementation and validation of them, and agent applications(More)
This paper presents work carried out within the ‘ExPlanTech’ project (IST-199920171) funded in part by the European Commission's Information Technologies Programme. The mission of the ExPlanTech technology transfer project is to introduce, customize and exploit the multi-agent production planning technology (ProPlanT multi-agent system research prototype)(More)