Vladimír Lisý

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A multi-pulsed free-induction NMR experiment is described theoretically for spins diffusing within a cylindrical capillary. The characteristic time for the particles to move on a distance of the capillary diameter is smaller or comparable to the time interval between the applied 90° rf pulses and the relaxation times entering the Bloch equations. In this(More)
We demonstrate the power of the genetic algorithms to construct the cellular automata model simulating the growth of 2-dimensional close-to-circular clusters revealing the desired properties, such as the growth rate and, at the same time, the fractal behavior of their contours. The possible application of the approach in the field of tumor modeling is(More)
The Kerr effect on vesicle-likedroplets (vesicles, cells or emulsion droplets) is described. Wegive a derivation of the Kerr constant for a dielectric fluiddroplet immersed in another fluid, assuming that the droplet in aweak electric field becomes a prolate ellipsoid. The Kerr constantis evaluated also for a droplet covered by a membrane of(More)
The attenuation function S(t) for an ensemble of spins in a magnetic-field gradient is calculated by accumulation of the phase shifts in the rotating frame resulting from the displacements of spin-bearing particles. The found S(t), expressed through the particle mean square displacement, is applicable for any kind of stationary stochastic motion of spins,(More)
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