Vladimír Haasz

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The paper describes solutions, how to improve a quality of basic testing methods to be possible to use them for dynamic testing high-resolution / middle speed AD converters and AD modules. The following methods are described: an application of low-distortion band pass filters, a digital correction of a known distortion of a testing signal, an application of(More)
One of the most important parameter of ADC which negatively influence its quality is its nonlinearity. The correction of this imperfection can be accomplished in the output data but only if the nonlinearity is well characterized. Two methods — application of look-up table or an analytical inverse function of INL(n) curve — from other(More)
A transportable high stable reference AD device was designed and realised for a comparison of systems for testing a dynamic quality of ADCs or AD modules two years ago. In spite of the fact that several comparative measurements were successfully executed, some limitations and imperfections were found out. Therefore a new innovated version of the device was(More)
A transportable high-stable reference AD device was designed and built to compare the systems for testing the dynamic quality of ADCs or AD modules. Three different input modules can be used in the frequency range up to 5 MHz. First, this paper refers to the results of an AD device application in the frequency range of the testing signal up to 100 kHz,(More)
Correction of ADC non-linearity can improve the accuracy of AD conversion. Except other possibilities the analytical inverse function of INL(n) curve can be applied. The first achieved result was published in [1]. Further simulations took into account also additive noise, jitter in sampling, non-zero sampled signal phase and hysteretic behavior of the ADC.(More)