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The MinION device by Oxford Nanopore produces very long reads (reads over 100 kBp were reported); however it suffers from high sequencing error rate. We present an open-source DNA base caller based on deep recurrent neural networks and show that the accuracy of base calling is much dependent on the underlying software and can be improved by considering(More)
Resolution of repeats and scaffolding of shorter contigs are critical parts of genome assembly. Modern assemblers usually perform such steps by heuristics, often tailored to a particular technology for producing paired or long reads. We propose a new framework that allows systematic combination of diverse sequencing datasets into a single assembly. We(More)
The set intersection problem is one of the main problems in document retrieval. Query consists of two keywords, and for each of keyword we have a sorted set of document IDs containing it. The goal is to retrieve the set of document IDs containing both keywords. We perform an experimental comparison of Galloping search and a new algorithm by Cohen and Porat(More)
Acromegaly represents the endocrine disease which includes the somatic and metabolic disorders secondly resulting to the augmentation of the Growth Hormone secretion after the growth cartilages closing (in adult). In this study we want to describe the craniofacial cephalometric qualitative and quantitative disorders and to emphasize their implications in(More)
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