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International student migration remains an under-researched field in migration studies, and this is especially true of return migration. This paper analyses students from Slovakia who have studied in the UK, both on degree courses and language/vocational courses, and have subsequently returned to their country of origin. It analyses their motivations, their(More)
International mobility provides opportunities for learning and knowledge transfer by health care workers, with significant potential benefits for countries of destination and, in the case of returned migration, countries of origin. This is examined using a typology that recognizes four types of tacit knowledge: embrained, embodied, embedded, and encultured.(More)
Platelet aggregation and ATP release were simultaneously measured in platelet-rich plasma samples obtained from humans of various age. In subjects aged over 59 years, an increase was found in platelet sensitivity to ADP and collagen as well as elevated aggregation amplitudes 5 min after induction with low concentrations of the aggregation agents. At 1(More)
BACKGROUND This article reviews the potential of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in prostate cancer diagnosis. METHODS Systematic scan of Pubmed, Ovid, Medline, Elsevier search engines was used, additional information was found through bibliographic review of relevant articles. Results. Substantial progress has been made in the imaging of prostate cancer(More)
Balai, V., V. KvasniEka and J. Pospichal, Two metrics in a graph theory modeling of organic chemistry, Discrete Applied Mathematics 35 (1992) 1-19. Two different metrics in the graph theory model of organic chemistry are defined. The chemical distance between two graphs (molecules) taken from the same family of isomeric graphs S, (where p is a number of(More)
Research on how individual tourists respond to risk has largely focussed on risk perceptions. This paper draws on behavioural economics to analyse the influence of risk tolerance and risk-related competences on how tourists organize their tourism travel, and the importance that they ascribe to specific types of tourism hazards. Whereas most tourism research(More)
The aim of this paper is to point out the need of applying the proactive and predictive maintenance as the key instrument for the maximum operational reliability and usability of the industrial robots using the minimum costs and human resources. We want to emphasize that by the vibrodiagnostics method, which is one of the methods for ensuring the(More)