Vladia Pinheiro

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Knowledge-based systems (KBS) should be able to explain their results to improve the understanding and credibility of their answers by users. However, most KBS explanation components cannot be easily reused by other applications, thus increasing the effort of implementing KBSs with explanation capabilities. In this paper we present WebExplain, an extension(More)
This article describes an architecture for Information Extraction systems on the web, based on Natural Language Processing (NLP) and especially geared toward the exploration of information about crime. The main feature of the architecture is its NLP module, which is based on the Semantic Inferential Model. We demonstrate the feasibility of the architecture(More)
This article describes the ExpertCOP tutorial system, a Multi-agent geosimulator of the criminality in a region. In the ExpertCOP, students are police officers who allocate their available police force according to the selected region and then, they can follow the simulation process. The interaction between domain agents representing social entities as(More)
In this paper, we describe a case study in a big metropolis, in which from data collected by digital sensors, we tried to understand mobility patterns of persons using buses and how this can generate knowledge to suggest interventions that are applied incrementally into the transportation network in use. We have first estimated an Origin-Destination matrix(More)
One of the growing needs of information extraction (IE) from text is that the IE system must be able to perform enriched inferences in order to discover and extract information. We argue that one reason for the current limitation of the approaches that use semantics for that is that they are based on ontologies that express the characteristics of things(More)
We propose here a methodology to help to understand the shortcomings of public transportation in a city via the mining of complex networks representing the supply and demand of public transport. We show how to build these networks based upon data on smart card use in buses via the application of algorithms that estimate an OD and reconstruct the complete(More)