Vladana Sagatovich

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The increased affordability of whole genome sequencing has motivated its use for phenotypic studies. We address the problem of learning interpretable models for discrete phenotypes from whole genomes. We propose a general approach that relies on the Set Covering Machine and a k-mer representation of the genomes. We show results for the problem of predicting(More)
A unit for continuous ultra-violet sterilization on the basis of a mercury-UV low-pressure lamp was devised and tested. It differs from the known analogs in the capacity of separating into layers of the monolithic flow of a solution and of using the entire arsenal of direct rays emitted by the source. The output is 400 ml/min. The irradiation dose exceeds(More)
47 hemofiltration procedures were performed in 10 patients. A self-made balancer based on the volumic hydrodynamics dependent on substitute from filtrate was used. An APD-02 peritoneal dialysis machine served the source of the substitute. It provided change of the concentration and was used for prophylaxis of osmodisturbances, massive dehydration and for(More)
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