Vlada Radivojevic

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Complexity of biomedical data requires novel sophisticated analysis and presentation methods. Sonification is used as a new information display in augmented reality systems to overcome problems of existing human-computer interfaces (e.g., opaque or heavy head-mounted displays, slow computer graphics, etc.). A novel taxonomy of sonification methods and(More)
We present a novel method for classifying alert vs drowsy states from 1 s long sequences of full spectrum EEG recordings in an arbitrary subject. This novel method uses time series of interhemispheric and intrahemispheric cross spectral densities of full spectrum EEG as the input to an artificial neural network (ANN) with two discrete outputs: drowsy and(More)
OBJECTIVES To better define the concept of sleep misperception and analyse a category of patients who overestimate their sleep. At present, a condition of underestimation of sleep is classified as paradoxical insomnia. Overestimation of sleep has also been reported in the past, with no clear reference to corresponding polysomnographic (PSG) findings or its(More)
Telemedical systems work in heterogeneous processing environment and require a flexible system reconfiguration. Physician may switch from a personal digital assistant to a high performance – high resolution workstation very often, expecting the telemedical system to reconfigure and provide the support within seconds. In this paper we present a telemedical(More)
– An advantageous aspect of telemedicine is that it can create virtual environments for collaboration between patient, physicians, and medical staft. In this paper we present a multimodal interactive environment for EEG/MEG data presentation based on a virtual reality user interface (VRUI). In addition, to visualization, the VRUI uses sonification. The(More)
In this paper we present the telemedical environment based on VMDs implemented with Java mobile agent technology, called aglets. The agent based VMD implementation provides ad-hoc agent interaction, support for mobile agents and different user interface components in the telemedical system. We have developed a VMD agent framework with four types of agents:(More)
A key problem of finding the most complete and useful theory of consciousness may revolve around how to empirically determine different styles or states of consciousness and how to incorporate these within a single paradigm. This was our motivation to start examination of EEG correlates of some activities or substates of consciousness which occur(More)
INTRODUCTION Oral diseases in psychiatric patients are usually a result of bad oral hygiene and psychopharmaceutical side-effects. OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to detect oral lesions in patients hospitalized in psychiatric institutions with the confirmed diagnosis of psychiatric illness and mood disorder with psychotic characteristics, as well as(More)
Microwave Resonance Therapy (MRT) is a novel medical treatment, which represents a synthesis of the ancient Chinese traditional knowledge in medicine (acupuncture) and recent breakthroughs in biophysics. Affecting the appropriate acupuncture points by the generation of high frequency microwaves (52-78 GHz), remarkable clinical results of the treatment are(More)