Vlad Toronov

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To study the behavior of cerebral physiological parameters and to further the understanding of the functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) blood-oxygen-level-dependent (BOLD) effect, multisource frequency-domain near-infrared and BOLD fMRI signals were recorded simultaneously during motor functional activation in humans. From the near-infrared data(More)
We introduce a new algorithm for the reconstruction of functional brain activations from near-infrared spectroscopic imaging (NIRSI) data. While NIRSI offers remarkable biochemical specificity, the attainable spatial resolution with this technique is rather limited, mainly due to the highly scattering nature of brain tissue and the low number of measurement(More)
We propose a new algorithm for the estimation of functional activations in diffuse optical imaging. Our approach considers the activations to be support limited. We simultaneously estimate the function values as well as the support from the available measurements. Since this scheme exploit the structure inherent to functional imaging, it provide(More)
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